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9th Annual Dark Beer Fest

Date: Thursday, December 15, 2022 - Sunday, December 18, 2022|10:00AM - 11:59PM

Location: Flying Lion Brewery

During the darkest time of year...comes a celebration with the darkest of beers. Flying Lion Brewing invites you to share in our love of dark beers at the 9th Annual Dark Beer Fest, taking place at the brewery, Thursday, December 15th through Sunday, December 18th.

EXTRA DAY THIS YEAR! - Now there's even more time to enjoy all of the dark beer!
BACK THIS YEAR! - We will be collaborating a special dark beer again - this year with friends at Optimism Brewing.
BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! - Brownrigg Hard Cider is crafting up another dark cider exclusively for this event!

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Dark Beer Fest started at Flying Lion Brewing in 2014. We've grown from our modest 6-beer list to a full 30+ beer, all weekend event complete with cellared favorites, special releases, and plenty of limited availability brews. We're talking all dark beer, all 4 days. If you haven't been, you're missing out. We plot and plan all year long so mark your calendars - we think the only reason you should travel in December is if you're coming here!

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Recurring Events

Monday Night Run Club

Meet at Flying Lion Brewing every Monday at 6pm for a 5 mile run (there is also a 5k option) at whatever pace you fancy. The course was designed to resemble the profile of FLB's logo. Enjoy the lion's nose/mane through area parks and climb "The Wing" back to the neighborhood streets.

Co-sponsored by FLB and the Seattle Running Club.

Thursday Night Trivia

Questions start at 8pm every week with themes of current events, a little history, a music round, some pretty pictures, and other surprises. $3/person, teams up to 6 people, cash and beer prizes! Bring your dream-team or find one here!