Welcome to Flying Lion Brewing

Flying Lion is a family owned and operated brewery located in the heart of South Seattleā€™s Columbia City neighborhood. Stop by our taproom to choose from 16 constantly changing and varied beers or look for our brews in local bars and restaurants!

Best in the U.S.!

We've been brewing Rye Stout since before our brewery doors opened. It was one of our first recipes and continues to be one of our favorite beers. We are honored that other people like it as much as we do. Oh, Rye Stout, you're all grown up.

Mmm, Rye Wine

Our brewer, Adam has been wanting to make a rye wine for quite a while now. We decided the brewery's 5 year anniversary was the perfect occasion. I think we just took rye to a whole new level with this one. Maple and toffee aromas give way to clean tobacco, sweet leather and a bright malt character. This beer is so well balanced, your palate won't even know it just became a single issue voter. #RyeWine2020 9% ABV//53 IBU

Flying Lion Events

Monday Night Run Club

Meet at Flying Lion Brewing every Monday at 6pm for a 5 mile run (there is also a 5k option) at whatever pace you fancy. The course was designed to resemble the profile of FLB's logo. Enjoy the lion's nose/mane through area parks and climb "The Wing" back to the neighborhood streets.

Co-sponsored by FLB and the Seattle Running Club.

Thursday Night Trivia

Questions start at 8pm every week with themes of current events, a little history, a music round, some pretty pictures, and other surprises. $3/person, teams up to 6 people, cash and beer prizes! Bring your dream-team or find one here!

Enjoy fun, social events at Flying Lion

Special Events

6th Annual Dark Beer Fest

Date: Friday, December 20, 2019 - Sunday, December 22, 2019|10:00AM - 12:00AM

Location: Flying Lion Brewing

Dark Beer Fest started at Flying Lion Brewing in 2014. We've grown from our modest 6-beer list to a full 25+ beer, 3-day event complete with cellared favorites, special releases, and plenty of limited availability brews. If you haven't been, you're missing out.

We'll add more details over the year and really kick things into gear November 2019. In the meantime, we think the only reason you should travel this next December is if you're coming here. So, jot this one down in the calendar, the dates are set!

2019 Details:

We are opening at 10AM each day! Come early so you can get that special dark beer you've been waiting for.

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