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  • 1. Call it a Day Pale 5.8%
    5.8% ABV | 47 IBUs

    Hops: Centennial

    Malt: Pale, Vienna, Crystal 15, Crystal 40

    A balanced Northwest Pale highlighting the citrus flavor and dry-hopped aroma of Pacific Northwest Centennial Hops.

  • 2. Trust Weasel IPA 6.5%
    6.5% ABV | 52 IBUs

    Hops: Columbus, Simcoe, Centennial

    Malt: Pale, Munich, Crystal Rye

    T-dub has never told a lie, broken a mirror, nor walked under a ladder; says its prayers before bed and would feed your prize parrot while you're on vacation. This IPA is an all around do-gooder. Focused on massive aroma, TW unselfishly gifts your palate with dank grapefruit and tangerine.

  • 3. Rye Stout 6%
    6% ABV | 37 IBUs

    Hops: Centennial, Mt. Hood

    Malt: Pale, Victory, Chocolate Malt, Roasted Barley, Flaked Rye

    This is a classic American Stout, full of flavor and character, but with the spicy, crisp addition of Rye. Not overly sweet and with a clean, roasted flavor, this Stout drinks well year-round.

  • 4. Velvet Uppercut Belgian Strong 9%
    9% ABV | 37 IBUs

    Hops: Perle, Saaz, Styrian Goldings (Bobek)

    Malt: Pale, Aromatic, Munich

    There I was, enjoying the complex blend of fruity esters and subtle spice, ready to have another of this extraordinarily smooth beer when, POW! I got that Velvet Uppercut. To be continued....

  • 5. Hitt’s Hill Pilsner 4.2%
    4.2% ABV | 21 IBUs

    Hops: Saaz

    Malt: Pale

    A traditional German Pilsner, single malt, single hop and fermented cold. This is a neighborly beer, a homage to the Columbia City neighborhood we call home. A place we love so much, our hearts might explode!

  • 6. NITRO: Irish Stout 4%
    4% ABV | 34 IBUs

    Hops: Columbus, Perle

    Malt: Pale, Flaked Oats, Pale Chocolate, Roasted Barley

    A smooth, light-bodied Stout with notes of baker's chocolate and balanced, roasted, malt bitterness. An Irish classic poured on Nitro to give you the creamy texture you want from an Irish Stout!

  • 7. Gin & Tonic Sour Gose 4.3%
    4.3% ABV | 9 IBUs

    Hops: Perle

    Malt: Pale, White Wheat, Flaked Barley

    Inspired by the classic Gin and Tonic cocktail. This refreshing, tart Gose was steeped with gin botanicals (juniper berries), lending a pleasant, citrusy flavor and piney aroma. As refreshing as the real thing!

  • 8. Benefits WA Brewers GuildMultiplayer Guild Collab IPA 6.4%
    6.4% ABV | 44 IBUs

    Hops: Columbus, Mosaic, Zappa

    Malt: Pale, Maris Otter, Flaked Barley

    A fun, classic IPA with Summer dance vibes. We used Zappa and Mosaic hops to bring fruity, lemony and minty tunes, with enough bitterness to make your head bob back and forth to those funky hop beats.

    In the spirit of the WA brewing community, brewers from across the state come together to produce Multiplayer Guild Collab, an IPA benefiting the WA Brewers Guild. This IPA is a reflection of a connected and collaborative industry, working together to brew another day and pour another pint.

  • 9. Strawberry Rhubarb Sour 4.8%
    4.8% ABV | 13 IBUs

    Hops: Saaz

    Malt: Pale, White Wheat, Flaked Oats

    Strawberry and Rhubarb, the perfect combination! Fresh berry on the nose with a pleasant rhubarb tartness on the palate. This sour will have you skipping with joy!

  • 10. Larry, Curly, and Moesaic Pale 5.1%
    5.1% ABV | 43 IBUs

    Hops: Columbus, Mosaic

    Malt: Pale, Munich, Flaked Barley, Crystal 40

    You are no victim of soicumstance, this beer is soitenly poifect! Fragrant and refreshingly dry, Mosaic hops bring blueberry and starfruit aromas, finishing with HOTCHACHACHAA!

  • 11. Apricoty, We Like to Party! Apricot Hefeweizen 4.5%
    4.5% ABV | 13 IBUs

    Hops: Perle, Tettnanger

    Malt: Pale, White Wheat

    Rock the mic, party people! Dance to this summer-loving hefeweizen smelling of banana, clove, and stone-fruit. The refreshing, citrusy aftertaste will have you settling in for the weekend ASAP!

  • 12. Forerunner Double IPA 7.7%
    7.7% ABV | 47 IBUs

    Hops: Columbus, Nelsion Sauvin

    Malt: Pale, Munich, Crystal 40, Victory

    Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand and a big grain bill make this IPA taste of Vinho Verde with a pleasant fruity, bitter finish. Forerunner is a modern take on old-school, intenstly resinous and slightly caramelly Double IPAs.

  • 13. Double Black IPA 8.7%
    8.7% ABV | 62 IBUs

    Hops: Summit, Crystal, Cascade, Centennial, Loral

    Malt: Pale, Maris Otter, Aromatic, Midnight Wheat

    Originally brewed with our buds at Lowercase Brewing, we loaded this Black IPA with NW hops. Dark and hop forward, the clean stone-fruit finish is best enjoyed with pals and a game of horseshoes.

  • 14. Guest Cidery: GreenwoodHibiscus Lime 6.9%
    6.9% ABV | 19 IBUs

    Our signature Wasington apple blend steeped with key lime puree and hibiscus,
    then backsweetened with a touch of blue agave syrup. Semi-dry, floral, and
    very tart with lots of lime and a lingering apple finish.

  • 15. Guest Cidery: Dragon's HeadColumbia Crabapple 6.7%
    6.7% ABV

    Hops: N/A

    Malt: N/A

    At Dragon's Head Cider, we have a history of working with crabapples, coaxing these high acid, boldly flavored fruits into lovely fermented beverages. The Columbia Crabapple is our latest foray into the world of producing cider with crabapples, and it makes a bold statement. Dragon's Head is known for producing dry ciders, and this cider is sweeter than any other we have produced before. The sweetness is countered by the tartness of the crabapple, producing a flavorful delight to the palate. While this cider drinks nicely on it's own, we also find ourselves particularly inspired by it to create new and lovely cider cocktails.

  • 16. CASK: Forerunner Double IPA + Szechuan Pepper 7.7%
    7.7% ABV | 47 IBUs

    Hops: Columbus, Nelsion Sauvin

    Malt: Pale, Munich, Crystal 40, Victory

    Served from an English-style cask, slightly warmer and less carbonated to bring out more flavor! Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand and a big grain bill make this IPA taste of Vinho Verde with a pleasant fruity, bitter finish. Forerunner is a modern take on old-school, intenstly resinous and slightly caramelly Double IPAs.

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Cougar Mountain Kölsch
Guest Cidery: Brownrigg - Dragon Fruit

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As beer artists we enjoy adding our unique twist to traditionally-inspired beers. We find the best beers are built with balance and subtle flavors, combined to create a complex yet clean palate. As a brewery with a hankering for dark beers, Flying Lion has an affinity for strong, distinctive, and bold flavors. We’re sure you’ll find something you love, whether it’s our classic Pacific Northwest IPAs, our award-winning Rye Stout, or anything in between!

Flying Lion Brewing offers an unpretentious attitude towards craft beer. Our beer is held to a high standard, is always interesting, and is varied enough to be universally approachable. With a set list of year-round standbys as well as a selection of constantly rotating taps, Flying Lion is worth traveling for but also a wonderful place to make regular and frequent visits!

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